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The Micralign Series Projection Mask Alignment instrument is a nominally 1:1 annular-field, linear-scan broadband imaging system for exposing wafers. The Micralign can process substrates from as small as 12 mm squares to 150 mm round SEMI standard substrates, and soon up to 200 mm round SEMI standard substrates in the near future.

The OS2000 is a complete replacement of the control system in the ASML/SVGL (Perkin-Elmer) Micralign™ 5/6/700-series micro-lithography tools. The current OS, AFA, Sequencer, SEMI, and AIM computer and software systems are replaced by a single Windows™-based object-oriented computer and software control system.

Global Alignment System

Global Alignment System (GAS)
The new, redesigned Scan Package "Global Alignment System" is automatic calculation and correction of magnification and alignment errors in real-time. Magnification and alignment are measured automatically by gathering data from our 4 point "real-time" measurement system, utilizing sites 1, 5, 6, and 9 on the wafer. Our Global Alignment System is designed to work within our OS2000 Load & Go operating system and is supported as a plug-and-play option.

Backside Alignment
Backside Alignment (BSA)
For the first time, Micralign™ users can get their system upgraded with this BSA Upgrade Kit to perform backside alignment processes; it can also be used as a standard machine, handling all current processes with no changes to specifications. This eliminates the need for dedicated litho tools for backside alignment process.

Helium Regulator
Helium Regulator
Our Helium Regulator and hose kit is designed to control the helium pressure in the Projection Optics. It incorporates a pressure meter gauge, located on the front panel, with user adjustable upper and lower pressure limits.
Automated Uniformity Driver and Illumination Test (AUDIT) system for the Micralign™ is designed to automate the process of adjusting the illumination uniformity slit. The auto-uniformity system performs the same basic procedure as was previously done manually by measuring the intensity at several marked positions circumferentially over the ring field. Computer-controlled actuators are used to move the aperture flexure to achieve uniformity of illumination.

The New GFI-LVR offers the following benefits over the original equipment supplied: CE compliant with GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter); Solid State Control (no chain/no vibration); no brushes which means no potential for fire; digital readout; high reliability components; voltage is set to the customers requirements and accurate up to 3%.

Cognex PreAligner Head OS2000 Assembly
Our Cognex Prealigner Assembly1 for your MicralignTM employs a camera that is able to view the entire wafer, thus eliminating the discrete detectors (A-D).

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