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Beta Squared Lithography, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of refurbished Micralign™ Projection Mask Aligners, parts and service. We are focused on pursuing cost-effective designs and reducing the cost of ownership for our customers.
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BSL Becomes Micralign™ “OEM”
As BSL is about to celebrate its 25th Anniversary, we are pleased to announce that ASML is transferring all rights concerning the Micralign™ Projection Mask Aligners to BSL as of July 1st. This means that Micralign™ customers will continue to receive the highest quality service, parts and training for many, many years to come. In addition to BSL becoming the ‘OEM’ for Micralign, BSL also gains exclusive rights to the complete range of ASML High Pressure Mercury Arc Lamps.

Our focus has always been on cost-effective designs with high reliability parts, user friendly software and hardware peripherals. With our lower overhead & Activity Based Costing (ABC), our goal is to reduce the cost of ownership for our customers. This transfer gives us the opportunity to continue improving on the reliability and performance of the Micralign™ Projection Mask Aligner.

Our goal is to make this a seamless transition for all our current and new customers.



Micralign™ is a trademark of ASML
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